How to correctly understand the EN 10216-5 standard

EN 10216-5 Stainless Steel Tube

EN 10216-5 is a European standard that specifies the technical delivery conditions for seamless stainless steel tubes for pressure purposes. It covers a wide range of stainless steel grades and dimensions, including austenitic, ferritic, and duplex stainless steels. The standard provides requirements for chemical composition, mechanical properties, manufacturing processes, inspection, and testing of the stainless steel tubes. EN 10216-5 is commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, and food processing, where corrosion resistance and high-temperature strength are essential.

Specifying high-integrity stainless steel tubes for demanding applications requires in-depth material and manufacturing expertise. That’s why advanced industries worldwide reference EN 10216-5, the European standard for seamless austenitic stainless tube. As a premier global supplier of top-tier stainless tubulars, XYZ Company provides extensive EN 10216-5 seamless tubing options that meet even the strictest quality benchmarks.

What is EN 10216-5 Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube?

The EN 10216-5 standard defines technical delivery conditions for round, square and rectangular hot-finished seamless stainless tubes for pressure purposes across applications. This specification covers austenitic grades 304, 304L, 316, 316L and 316Ti—alloys prized for their structural strength, fabrication versatility, and corrosion/temperature resistance.

EN 10216-5 sets stringent requirements for chemistry, testing, surface finish, dimensional tolerances and markings for tubes up to 14” diameter. By manufactured to this European standard, tubes provide reliable, long-lasting performance across industrial installations.

Applications for EN 10216-5 Tubing
Industries worldwide apply EN 10216-5 seamless stainless tubes within:
•Petrochemical equipment – Heat exchangers, condensers, process reactors
•Energy systems – Pressure vessels, processing and cooling pipework
•Marine installations – Desalination units, hydraulic cylinders, ballast piping
•Automotive assemblies – Exhaust manifolds, hydraulic lines, fuel injection systems
•Aerospace structures – Hydraulic assemblies, engine mounts, landing gear

By combining extensive fabrication options with corrosion resistance, EN 10216-5 tubes optimize safety and longevity across critical infrastructures.

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EN 10216 5 Stainless Steel Tube 600x600 2
EN 10216 5 Stainless Steel Tube 600x600 2

Achieving Premium Quality
While EN 10216-5 sets baseline chemistry and testing criteria for stainless tube, not all manufacturers realize the complete technical potential of these alloys.
At XYZ Company, we leverage the latest in process technology to create EN 10216-5 seamless tubing that consistently surpasses expectations:
•Multi-roll Mannesmann mills – Deliver ultra-precise diameters and micro-smooth walls
•Automated post-forming – Minimizes ovality while removing mechanical stresses
•Surface finishing – Up to 20 Ra μinch finishes enable extensive fabrication
•Testing – Eddy current and hydrostatic testing validates tube integrity
•Precision cutting – Square cut ends with minimized burrs per specification
•Customization – Special grades, dimensions and treatments available

Duplex Stainless Steel:
X2CrNiMoN22-5-3, EN 1.4462, UNS S31803, F51
X2CrNiMoSi18-5-3, EN 1.4424, UNS S31500
X2CrNiMoN25-7-4, EN 1.4410, UNS S32750, F53
X2CrNiMoCuN25-6-3, EN 1.4507, UNS S32520, F255
X2CrNiMoCuWN25-7-4, EN 1.4501, UNS S32760, F55
Outside Diameter: 21.3 – 711.2mm Wall Thickness: 2 – 100MM Length: 6 – 12m

By combining robust quality control, advanced manufacturing methods and material science expertise, XYZ produces EN 10216-5 stainless tubing that exceeds specifications while matching exacting application requirements.

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For EN 10216-5 stainless tubes that deliver lasting confidence across your critical installations, applications and environments, trust in XYZ Company and our 60+ years of metallurgical innovation. Discover how our premium tubular products can optimize safety, field performance and lifecycle value for your firm. Reach out to our helpful staff today.

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