Transitioning From Galvanized to PEX Pipe

From Rust to Resilient: Transitioning From Galvanized to PEX Pipe

Behind walls across America, hidden networks of galvanized steel pipes deliver water throughout homes. But age inevitably brings corrosion, leaks, and the need for replacement. More owners are switching to PEX during re-piping for reliability, improved flow, and corrosion resistance.

Making the change from galvanized to PEX pipe allows you to upgrade from pipes installed decades ago to modern water delivery. In this blog, we’ll walk through the reasons for switching, PEX benefits, and how to make the transition smoothly when you decide it’s time.

Why Switch? Galvanized Pipe Drawbacks

Before the 1960s, galvanized steel was the go-to material for home plumbing. It offers:

-Decent strength

-Low cost

-Years of service

However, galvanized pipe does have downsides that increase over time:

-Internal corrosion and buildup – Leads to leaks and flow restrictions.

-Dissimilar metal compatibility – Can’t directly connect to copper and brass.

-Noise – Flow and water hammer echo through steel.

-Inflexibility – Difficult to snake through walls and ceilings.

Once galvanized pipe reaches 50+ years, failures and high maintenance costs make switching to PEX the wise choice.

Galvanized to PEX Pipe
API 5L PSL1 Line Pipe1 9

Why PEX Is the Modern Alternative

PEX (crosslinked polyethylene) pipe was introduced in the 1960s and provides key upgrades:

-Corrosion proof – Won’t rust or develop buildup internally.

-Noise reduction – Plastic dampens pipe noise.

-Durable fittings – Crimp and compression joints won’t leak.

-Flexibility – Easily snakes around framing and through concrete.

-Ease of install – No torches needed for connections.

-Compatibility – Connects to all standard plumbing materials.

PEX matches galvanized pipe’s longevity while delivering better flow and reliability.

How to Switch Over to PEX

When it comes time to transition your plumbing to PEX, here are tips for a smooth project:

-Review layout – Look for ways to simplify and optimize pipe routing.

-Obtain permits – Ensure you follow local codes.

-Run water for usage – Confirm normal pressure and flow.

-Inspect universal connectors – Fittings allow combining PEX with galvanized.

-Label lines – Tag supply pipes during replacement to avoid confusion.

-Install access panels – Enable reaching valves and junctions inside walls.

-Test for leaks – Pressurize system and check for any weeping joints.

The upfront cost is well worth it for decades of maintenance-free operation. OVER time, PEX will save money compared to recurring galvanized pipe repairs.

Make the Switch for Reliable Water Flow

As galvanized supply pipes age past their useful life, consider taking on full re-plumbing to revitalize your home’s water system. PEX offers a corrosion-proof, quieter, and more dependable solution that can last 50-100 years. The initial investment in proactive replacement prevents much larger emergency repair costs down the road.

While galvanized pipe served homes well for generations, the 21st century calls for an upgrade. Switch over to PEX for water delivery you can depend on. Your home deserves pipes designed for the modern age.

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