Seamless carbon steel pipes are made from steel ingots or solid billets that are perforated into tubes, and then hot rolled, cold rolled, or cold drawn. Seamless carbon steel pipes play an important role in China’s steel pipe industry.

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API 5L X65 is a specification for high-strength, seamless or welded steel line pipe used in the transportation of oil, gas, and other fluids. It is part of the API 5L standard developed by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

The “X” in API 5L X65 indicates that it is a high-strength grade, with a minimum yield strength of 65,000 psi (or 448 MPa) and a minimum tensile strength of 77,000 psi (or 531 MPa). This makes it suitable for demanding applications in the oil and gas industry.

API 5L X65 pipes are available in both seamless and welded forms. Seamless pipes are produced without any welding process, while welded pipes are manufactured by joining the edges of steel plates or coils through welding.

These pipes typically have a diameter range from 2 inches to 60 inches and are used for long-distance transmission of oil, gas, and other fluids in pipelines. They are designed to withstand high-pressure conditions, harsh environments, and extreme temperatures.

API 5L X65 pipes must meet specific requirements regarding chemical composition, mechanical properties, and testing. These requirements ensure the quality, reliability, and safety of the pipes in various operating conditions.

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