API 5L PSL1 Line Pipe


API 5L/ISO 3183


B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70


OD: 21.3-1067mm WT: 2-150mm L:5.8m/6m/11.8m/12m


1)OD: 21.3-1422mm WT: 3.2-60mm L:5.8m/6m/11.8m/12m


X60 Line Pipe
API 5L Psl1 Line Pipe covers seamless and welded carbon steel line pipe which suitable for use in conveying gas and oil industry.
Standard: API 5L PSL 1, 46th Edition
Steel Grade: B/L245, X42/L290, X46, X52/L360, X56/L390, X60/L415, X65/L450, X70/L485, X80/L555
API 5L PSL1 B, API 5L PSL1 X42, API 5L PSL1 X46, API 5L PSL1 X52, API 5L PSL1 X56, API 5L PSL1 X60 line pipe.
Other standards:
China: GB/T 9711-2017
ISO: ISO 3183-2012, NACE MR0175/ISO 15156
SHELL Standard: DEP
Canada Standard: CSA Z245.1-14
Kuwait Standard: KOC-MS-001 PT.1 REV.2(2009), KOC-MS-018
Norway Standard: DNV-OS-F101
Iran Standard: IPS-M-PI-190


API 5L PSL1 LINE PIPE Chemical Composition & Mechanical Property:

API 5L PIPE PSL1Chemical CompositionMechanical Properties
C (Max)Mn (Max)P (Max)S (Max)TENSILE ( Min )YIELD ( Min )
Psi X 1000MpaPsi X 1000Mpa
Grade B0.261.200.0300.0306041435241
Grade X420.261.300.0300.0306041442290
Grade X460.261.400.0300.0306343446317
Grade X520.261.400.0300.0306645552359
Grade X560.261.400.0300.0307149056386
Grade X600.261.400.0300.0307551760414
Grade X650.261.450.0300.0307753165448
Grade X700.261.650.0300.0308256570483

Size Range:
Seamless: OD: 21.3-1067mm WT: 2-150mm L:5.8m/6m/11.8m/12m
Welded: OD: 21.3-1422mm WT: 3.2-60mm L:5.8m/6m/11.8m/12m

Ends design:

1) Bevel the welding ends to an angle of 30°, +5°, -0°, with a root face of 1/16″, +/- 1/32″. The bevel shall form a V groove with an included angle of 60°+10/-0. The root opening shall be 1/16″, +/- 1/32″ according to ANSI B16.25.

2) Plain or straight ends.

3) Threaded ends with coupling or without coupling according to API Spec. 5B.
Black painted or bare surface, hexagonal bundled with steel strips if the pipe diameter=323.9mm, loose packing if the pipe diameter larger than 323.9mm.
Land transportation by truck or train, sea transportation by container ship or bulk ship.
Crude oil Pipelines, Natural Gas Pipelines, Jet Fuel Pipelines, Water and Sewage Pipelines, Mineral Slurry Pipelines, Submarine Pipelines, Onshore and Offshore Pipelines, Line Pipe Pile.


Please share information as below if you request for quote:

TitleAPI 5L Line Pipe
SizeNPS (Outside Diameter) and Schedule No.(Wall Thickness) and Length
PSL LevelPSL 1 or PSL 2
GradeGrade A, Grade B, X42, X46, X52, X60, X70, X80, etc
Manufacturing processSeamless or Welded
Surface finishBare, Black
Ends finishPlain Ends, Beveled Ends, Threaded Ends
MarkingIf different from the API 5L Specification
Protective Coatings & Linings3LPE, 3LPP, FBE, AkzoNobel, Epoxy Zinc-rich Primer, Liquid Epoxy Resin, etc
ManufacturerApproved Manufacturer List (AML), or Country of Origin restrictions
Sour serviceYes / No

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