Pipeline pipe


SCr420TK, SCM415TK, SCM418TK, SCM420TK, SCM430TK, SCM435TK, SCM440TK


38 – 426mm


5 – 60mm




used for machinery, automobiles, and other machine parts.

Equivalent standards

ASTM A519, EN 10297-1


Line Pipe

Line Pipe


Generally, it refers to the pipeline pipe – API 5L pipeline pipe. The pipeline pipe is used to transport the oil, steam and water extracted from the ground to the oil and gas industry enterprises through the pipeline pipe. The pipeline pipe includes seamless pipe and welded steel pipe, and its pipe end has flat end, threaded end and socket end; The connection mode is welding, coupling connection, socket connection, etc.

With the development of pipeline steel plate technology and the progress of welded pipe forming and welding technology, the application scope of welded pipe for pipeline is gradually expanding, especially the advantages of welded pipe in the range of large diameter group spacing are more obvious and wet. In addition to cost factors, welded pipe has occupied a leading position in the field of pipeline pipe, limiting the development of stainless steel seamless pipeline pipe. In 2004, the output of seamless pipeline pipe was about 400000 tons, steel grades including X42-70, and the varieties include onshore pipeline pipe and submarine pipeline pipe.
The production of API5L pipeline pipe adopts the micro-alloying heating treatment process, and the production cost of stainless steel seamless pipe is significantly higher than that of welded pipe. With the improvement of steel grade, such as the limit of carbon equivalent of pipeline pipe above X80, the conventional process of seamless pipe is difficult to meet the user’s requirements; All the 12Cr1moV alloy pipe manufacturers are carrying out scientific research work to improve the corrosion resistance of their pipeline pipes and the stability of their performance in low temperature and high temperature environments. In this regard, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Chengdu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has embarked on handicraft transformation.


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