ASTM A106 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe


SCr420TK, SCM415TK, SCM418TK, SCM420TK, SCM430TK, SCM435TK, SCM440TK


38 – 426mm


5 – 60mm




used for machinery, automobiles, and other machine parts.

Equivalent standards

ASTM A519, EN 10297-1


ASTM A106 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

ASTM A106 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

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ASTM A106 / ASME SA106 pipes are seamless carbon steel pipes used for high tempertaure applications (up to 750 degrees F). These pipes are widely used in the oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation and ship-building industries (examples: refineries, downstream plants, vessels. boilers and towers). A106 pipes are particularly suited whenever the transported fluid has either high temperature or high pressure (or both combined).

ASTM A106 / SA106 pipes are available in size range from 1/2 to 28 inches, and in pipe schedules from 10 to 160. These pipes are supplied either in single random lenght (17-24′) or double random lenght (36 -44′).

Pipe marking:Each length of pipe (or bundle for smaller diameters) shall have the following markings applied:

Manufacturer name

Material grade(ASTM A106 A / B / C )

Diameter and ANSI schedule (from 10 to 160 and XXS)

Pipe length

Heat number

Hydrostatic test pressure or NDE

Weight / foot

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