EN 10216-1 Seamless Steel Pipe


EN 10216 Seamless Steel Pipe tubing Chemical composition:

Steel gradeCSiMnPSCr bMo bNi bAl totCu

b c

Nb bCr+Cu+Mo+Ni
Steel nameSteel numbermax.max.max.Max.max.max.max.max.min.max.max.max. b
P195TR21.01080,130,350,700,0250,0200,300,080,300,02 d0,300,0100,70
P235TR21.02550,160,351,200,0250,0200,300,080,300,02 d0,300,0100,70
P265TR21.02590,200,401,400,0250,0200,300,080,300,02 d0,300,0100,70
a Elements not included in this Table shall not be intentionally added to the steel without the agreement of the purchaser, except for elements which may be added for finishing the cast. All appropriate measures shall be taken to prevent the addition of undesirable elements from scrap or other materials used in the steelmaking process.
b The content of these elements need not be reported unless intentionally added to the cast.
c Option 2: In order to facilitate subsequent forming operation, an agreed maximum copper content lower than indicated and an agreed specified maximum tin content shall apply.
d This requirement is not applicable provided the steel contains a sufficient amount of other nitrogen binding elements which shall be reported.

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EN 10216-1 steel tube mechanical property:

Steel gradeTensile propertiesImpact properties
Steel nameSteel numberUpper yield strength ReH b min. for Wall Thickness T mmTensile Strength RmElongation A min. %
b c
Minimum average absorbed energy KV J at a temperature of °C c
T =1616 < T =4040 < T =60lt
P195TR1 e1.0107195185175320 to 4402725
P195TR21.0108195185175320 to 44027254028 d27
P235TR1 e1.0254235225215360 to 5002523
P235TR21.0255235225215360 to 50025234028 d27
P265TR1 e1.0258265255245410 to 5702119
P265TR21.0259265255245410 to 57021194028 d27
a For wall thickness greater than 60mm the mechanical properties are subject to agreement.
b See 11.2.
c l = longitudinal t = transverse
d Option 4: Additionally, longitudinal impact strength shall be verified at – 10 °C
e Tubes made to these material grades are unlikely to support the essential requirements of Directive 97/23/EC unless other criteria are taken into account, see Annex I section 7.5 of this Directive

EN 10216-1,Seamless Steel Pipe for pressure purposes. Technical delivery conditions
The pipes are manufactured with the diameters between 21,3 – 660 mm and with the wall thickness of up to 100 mm in the case of hot rolling, and with the diameters between 10,2 – 108 mm and the wall thickness of up to 12,5 mm in the case of cold drawing.
Application: Pressure equipment, pressure pipeline, processing piping, boiler, etc.
Grades: P195TR1, P195TR2, P235TR1, P235TR2, P265TR1, P265TR2

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