How to solve the problems that are easily encountered in the processing of stainless steel tube?

During the processing of stainless steel tube, various problems are often encountered, especially for some relatively immature stainless steel tube processing manufacturers. This not only easily leads to waste steel pipes, but also inevitably leads to a decline in the performance of secondary processed stainless steel tube. The stainless steel tube processing factory has compiled and listed some easily encountered problems for reference:
1、 Weld defects:
The welding seam defects are relatively serious, and manual mechanical polishing treatment is used to make up for the grinding marks, resulting in uneven surface and affecting aesthetics.
2、 Surface inconsistency:
Only pickling and passivation of welds can cause uneven surface and affect aesthetics.
3、 Scratches are difficult to remove:
Overall acid pickling and passivation cannot remove various scratches generated during the processing, nor can impurities such as carbon steel and spatter that adhere to the surface of stainless steel due to scratches and welding spatter be removed, resulting in chemical or electrochemical corrosion and rusting in the presence of corrosive media. Seamless steel pipe price, Tianjin seamless steel pipe, petroleum casing, 12cr1mov, seamless steel pipe price, precision seamless steel pipe, 16mn seamless steel pipe, 15crmo alloy pipe, q345b seamless pipe, q345b seamless steel pipe, Tianjin 27simn steel pipe, pipeline pipe, 35crmo steel pipe, 12cr1mov alloy pipe, high-pressure alloy pipe, Chongqing seamless steel pipe, bearing steel pipe, alloy pipe, Shandong steel pipe, precision seamless steel pipe, Tianjin seamless pipe, 15crmo steel pipe Tianjin square tube price, petroleum casing, high-pressure alloy tube 4. Uneven polishing and passivation during polishing:
After manual polishing and acid pickling and passivation treatment, it is difficult to achieve a uniform and consistent treatment effect on larger workpieces, and it is not possible to achieve an ideal uniform surface. And the cost of working hours and auxiliary materials is also high.
5、 Limited pickling capacity:
Acid pickling passivation paste is not universal, and it is difficult to remove black oxide skin produced by plasma cutting and flame cutting.
6、 Severe scratches caused by factors:
During the lifting, transportation, and structural processing processes, scratches caused by factors such as collisions, dragging, and hammering are relatively severe, making surface treatment more difficult and also the main cause of rust after treatment.
7、 Equipment factors:
Scratches and creases caused during the bending process of profiles and plates are also the main reasons for corrosion after treatment. Ultra thin steel strip
8、 Other factors:
During the procurement and storage process of stainless steel raw materials, bumps and scratches caused by lifting and transportation are also serious, which is one of the reasons for corrosion.

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