Selection of high precision seamless steel pipes for different purposes

High precision seamless steel pipe is the main material for manufacturing lightweight steel structures, which is made of steel plate or steel strip by cold bending molding.
Its wall thickness can not only be made very thin, but also greatly simplify the production process and improve production efficiency. It can produce various profiles and precision steel pipes of different materials with uniform wall thickness but complex cross-section shapes that are difficult to produce using ordinary hot rolling methods.
In addition to being used in various building structures, high-precision seamless steel pipes are also widely used in vehicle manufacturing, agricultural machinery manufacturing, and other aspects. There are many types of high-precision seamless steel pipes, which are divided into open, semi closed, and closed sections.
According to the shape, there are cold formed channel steel, angle steel, Z-shaped steel, square tube, rectangular tube, special-shaped tube, roller shutter door, etc.
According to GB6725-92, high-precision seamless steel pipes are made of ordinary carbon structural steel and carbon structural steel. There are more than 400 specifications and varieties commonly used in China, including equal leg angle steel (limb length 25-75mm), inner crimped angle steel (limb length 40-75mm), channel steel (height 25-250mm), inner crimped channel steel (height 60-250mm), and crimped Z-shaped steel (height 100-180mm). Products are widely used in mining, construction, agricultural machinery, transportation, bridges, petrochemical, light industry, electronics and other industries.
High precision seamless steel pipe is a new type of steel with strong vitality, which belongs to economic cross-section steel and is also an energy-saving material.
It is widely used in various fields of the national economy, and its uses can be roughly divided into 10 categories, including highway guardrail boards, steel structures, automobiles, containers, steel formwork and scaffolding, railway vehicles, ships and bridges, steel sheet piles, power transmission towers, and others.
In the production of cold formed hollow precision steel pipes, there are currently two different production and forming processes. One is to form a circle before becoming square or rectangular; The other is directly square or rectangular. Currently, in the field of square and rectangular steel tube forming, the technology of direct square and rectangular forming is an international molding technology.
The process of directly forming a square or rectangular shape is more advanced than the process of first forming a circle and then becoming a square or rectangular shape.
The process of forming a circle and then changing a square or rectangular shape causes significant damage to the steel strip or coil material; The direct squared and rectangular process, which basically does not damage the material during the molding process, can well maintain the mechanical and physical properties of the raw material, ensuring the excellent quality of the product. According to the fact that in recent years, the market demand for precision steel pipes in China has been increasing, the scope of application has been expanding, and the market prospect is very broad.

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