Stainless Steel Pipe Supplier

Stainless Steel Pipe Supplier
Stainless Steel Pipe Supplier

Stainless steel pipe are divided into ordinary carbon steel pipes, high-quality carbon structural steel pipes, alloy structural pipes, alloy steel pipes, bearing steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, as well as bimetallic composite pipes, coated and coated pipes to save precious metals and meet special requirements. There are various types and uses of stainless steel pipes, with varying technical requirements and production methods. The current production of steel pipes has an outer diameter range of 0.1-450mm and a wall thickness range of 0.01-250mm. To distinguish its characteristics, steel pipes are usually classified according to the following method.
Production method
Stainless steel pipes are divided into two categories according to production methods: seamless pipes and welded pipes. Seamless steel pipes can also be divided into hot rolled pipes, cold rolled pipes, cold drawn pipes, and extruded pipes. Cold drawn and cold rolled pipes are secondary processing of steel pipes; Welded pipes are divided into straight seam welded pipes and spiral welded pipes.
Section shape
Stainless steel pipes can be divided into circular and irregular pipes according to their cross-sectional shape. Special shaped pipes include rectangular pipes, diamond pipes, elliptical pipes, hexagonal pipes, octagonal pipes, and various asymmetric pipes with different cross-sections. Specially shaped pipes are widely used in various structural components, tools, and mechanical components. Compared with circular pipes, irregular pipes generally have larger moments of inertia and cross-sectional modulus, and have greater bending and torsion resistance, which can greatly reduce structural weight and save steel.
Stainless steel pipes can be divided into equal section pipes and variable section pipes according to their longitudinal shape. Variable cross-section pipes include conical pipes, stepped pipes, and periodic cross-section pipes.

Rizhao Azure-B Supplier Co.,Ltd is a leading steel pipe stockist and distributor in China. We are a first-tier agency of several major steel companies in China including TPCO, Baosteel and so on. For the last decade, we have only done business in domestic market. Generally we hold steel pipe stock of at least 15000 tons per months with a sales about 30000 tons per month. In view of special steel trade system in China, we are a major player in Chinese Steel market.Mainly stainless steel pipe suppliers, carbon steel pipe suppliers, seamless steel pipe suppliers, welded steel pipe suppliers, etc

As a leading supplier in China, we supply various kinds of steel pipe including carbon steel, alloy and Stainless Steel Pipe. We offer pipe ranging in diameter from 1/4” to 120”, in numerous wall thickness, and with various finishes as well as different steel specifications such as API,ASTM,ASME,JIS and EN with among others. With our stock capacity and good tie with major steel mills in china, you can believe that we have the steel pipe and other steel products that you need – when and where you need them!

Our stainless steel pipe Supplier provides customized services to meet your needs. Our steel fabrication facility includes multiple welding lines, high-grade equipment, and an expertly trained staff to ensure that your order is processed accurately and efficiently.

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