The price of alloy steel pipe in the north has increased today:

Alloy steel pipes have much higher performance than ordinary seamless steel pipes because they contain more Cr, and their high temperature, low temperature, and corrosion resistance cannot be compared to other seamless steel pipes. Therefore, alloy pipes are widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, power, and boilers.

Alloy steel pipes contain elements such as silicon, manganese, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium, titanium, niobium, zirconium, cobalt, aluminum, copper, boron, rare earth, etc.

Today, the local market for construction steel is weak and stable. In terms of today’s market performance, the local leading brand Shente’s quotation continued to remain stable in the early morning trading. Except for some brands that were out of stock and raised their prices, dealers in the alloy tube market mostly maintained Friday’s quotation. According to feedback from merchants, weekend market transactions continue to be weak, and downstream purchases are more wait-and-see. However, based on the early trading situation, there are few inquiry calls, and the market lacks the usual lively atmosphere of Monday. As a result, some merchants have started to loosen up to promote transactions. In addition, according to feedback from downstream users, some specifications of market resources are in short supply. However, this week, merchants are gradually replenishing their inventory, and the resource shortage may improve. At present, there is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere for procurement, with low transaction volume among merchants. The weather conditions this week are also not very good, and the mentality of merchants is weak. There has been no significant change in market transactions, and some merchants are still shipping upside down, causing some pressure on them. As the end of the month approaches, businesses continue to reduce inventory and withdraw cash flow, and are expected to continue their weak adjustment trend. Although the electronic disk of Phase Steel is in a downward trend, the willingness of the local market to decline is not strong. However, due to the weakening of downstream purchasing enthusiasm, the market wait-and-see mentality has increased. Once the steel continues to fall in recent days, the market price will undoubtedly fall, and the market mentality is not optimistic. In terms of steel mills, Shagang announced today that its order volume for June was 8.5% off. From this, it can be seen that in the process of continuous price decline, the signs of production reduction and maintenance in steel mills are not obvious, and merchants still face the risk of high inventory in the later stage.
Against the backdrop of the arrival of low-cost resources in the north, some steel mills’ resource prices have slightly loosened in early trading today, and some merchants have priced some inventory in advance due to the arrival of low-cost resources in the later stage. From the overall market situation, the current shipment volume of traders is still acceptable, and many merchants have a shortage of specifications. On the other hand, the price of alloy pipes in the north has increased today. Currently, the lock order price of steel mills such as Wenfeng and Puyang is at 3200 yuan/ton, and it remains to be seen whether the hot-dip galvanized square pipe market can accept it. The most unstable factor in the current Shanghai plate market is the marketing policy of low-cost resources in the north. If a price war breaks out among traders, mainstream prices will also passively decline; However, industry insiders believe that in the short term, the mentality of merchants is stable, and the possibility of a significant decline in the prices of medium and thick plates is very low.
For the later stage market, most merchants choose to remain stable and wait. They believe that with the launch of hot rolled futures, the trading mode of hot rolled spot in the later stage will be fundamentally changed. However, due to many conditional factors that have not yet fully emerged, it is difficult for industrial customers to realize arbitrage through hot rolled futures. For the recent spot market, industry insiders believe that there is a significant possibility of an increase in the spot market after the oversold of steel prices in the early stage. However, the spot market cannot absorb the negative environment brought by the theory of capacity overflow in the short term and the slow liquidity brought by the middle reservoir. In this context, alloy pipes will continue to maintain low volatility and consolidation in the short term.

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