The upward trend of seamless thick wall square tube factory is not obvious

Mineral processing enterprises in Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei, and other places have suspended production, and the market supply of domestic mineral resources is limited. In addition, the overall domestic iron ore market price is already at a low level. Affected by cost factors, the bottom support role of the overall market price is obvious, so it is unlikely that Liaocheng Seamless Thick Wall Square Tube Factory will continue to decline.
Seamless thick wall square tube
The market in North China is steadily rising, and the Tangshan market is driven by the rise in the price of imported ore. Some manufacturers have raised their iron ore prices, but most steel companies maintain low volume procurement. Only a few steel mills with tight inventory have slightly increased their iron ore procurement prices, which has limited impact on the overall market. The upward trend of Liaocheng Seamless Thick Wall Square Tube Factory is not obvious. The market in Northeast China is slightly active, and traders’ enthusiasm for finding goods has increased, mainly due to the impact of rising peripheral markets. However, most iron and steel enterprises’ iron ore inventory status is still good, and their willingness to raise prices is not strong, so the upward trend in the local market has been stranded. The market in East China rose slightly.
Seamless thick wall square tube
“Liaocheng Seamless Thick Wall Square Tube Factory has frequent low-cost resources in the market, and while the market mentality of Liaocheng Seamless Thick Wall Square Tube Factory remains pessimistic, it is expected that the mainstream trend will continue to decline and adjust today.”. The steel price of Liaocheng Seamless Thick Wall Square Tube Factory in China has accelerated the decline, and the market adjustment of Liaocheng Seamless Thick Wall Square Tube Factory has significantly increased compared to yesterday.
Seamless thick wall square tube
As the futures market continues to decline, as well as the weakness of spot transactions and the further intensification of market pessimism, domestic steel prices have gradually broken previous lows and set new lows, with the enthusiasm of intermediaries weakening, and downstream buyers only purchasing on demand, with overall trading activity falling to a freezing point. The upstream billet price of 2100 yuan is still not the end point of this adjustment, while the downward adjustment of the prices of various finished products such as deformed steel, high-speed wire, hot rolled coil, medium and cold rolled plate will continue, and the bottom has not yet emerged. It is still recommended to operate cautiously. The market’s forecast for medium and heavy plate manufacturers has been adjusted to 2350 yuan, and the hot rolled coil has been adjusted to 2650 yuan. This bearish sentiment will increase the overall space for steel prices to continue to fall.

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