What are the differences between carbon steel pipes and galvanized pipes?

  1. Different production processes
    Carbon steel pipes are made by piercing steel ingots or solid round steel to form capillary tubes, which are then hot rolled and cold drawn. Carbon steel pipes play a crucial role in the domestic steel pipe industry. Galvanized pipes are hot-dip galvanized. The balance of the galvanized layer should be tested for galvanized steel pipes. The steel pipe sample is continuously immersed in copper sulfate solution for five times without changing red color.
  2. Different materials used
    Carbon steel pipes are made of high-quality carbon bonded steel such as 10, 30, and 45, low alloy structural steel such as 16Mn and 5MnV, or alloy steel such as 40Cr, 45Mn2, and 40MnB by hot rolling. 10. The seamless pipes produced from grade 20 low-carbon steel are mainly used in fluid transportation pipes. Galvanized pipes combine molten metal with an iron substrate to form an alloy layer, thereby allowing the substrate and coating to bond. Hot dip galvanizing is the process of first pickling steel pipes to eliminate iron oxide on their surface. After washing, the pipes are cleaned with ammonium chloride or zinc chloride water or a mixture of ammonium chloride and zinc chloride solution, and then placed in a hot dip galvanizing bath.
  3. Different technical parameters
    According to statistics, there are more than 240 carbon steel pipe manufacturing companies in China, with over 250 units and an annual production capacity of over 4.5 million tons. By caliber analysis, less than φ 76 accounts for 35%, less than φ The proportion of 159-650 is 25%. Based on variety analysis, the usual usage of pipes is 1.9 million tons, accounting for 54%. 760000 tons of petroleum steel pipes, accounting for 5.7%, 150000 tons of hydraulic props and precision pipes, accounting for 4.3%, and 50000 tons of stainless steel bearing pipes and automotive pipes, accounting for 1.4%.
    Galvanized pipes are divided into cold galvanizing and hot galvanizing. The use of cold galvanizing has been prohibited, and the latter is still advocated for temporary use in China. The cold water pipes in the new community are rarely used with galvanized pipes, and some hot water pipes in the community use galvanized pipes
    Galvanized pipe.
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