What are the three main uses of stainless steel tubes?

Stainless steel pipe is mainly used for three purposes:

  1. Stainless steel decorative tube
    In fact, stainless steel tubes used for decoration are mainly divided into 201304 tubes and 316 tubes, which are widely used in stainless steel anti-theft windows, stair guardrails, stair handrails, etc. According to the type, it can also be divided into ordinary tubes, flower tubes, color tubes, etc.
    Features of ordinary stainless steel pipe: simple production process, multiple specifications;
    Features of stainless steel flower tube: The stainless steel flower tube is upgraded on the stainless steel ordinary tube to make it more beautiful.
    Features of stainless steel color tube: the surface of stainless steel tube is coated with a layer of bright color coating, which can be formed by adding corresponding processing methods on ordinary tubes.
  2. Stainless steel industrial pipe
    It is divided into seamless pipe and welded pipe.
    Production process: most of them are welded pipes, which are welded by stainless steel coil electric welding. After hot melting, a certain thickness of sheet is inserted, and then the required sheet is injected. The inner cavity of the catheter is decorated with stainless steel plate. Stainless steel seamless pipe is produced by cold drawing process, and the pipe wall is seamless.
    Pipe surface: welded pipe is made of stainless steel after pressing and stretching, and the pipe surface is flat and smooth. The surface of industrial seamless pipe is generally rough.
    Thickness difference: 304 stainless steel decorative pipe is thinner, about 0.2mm~5.0mm, while industrial seamless pipe is generally thicker.
    Application scope: Because the stainless steel welded pipe is thin and the surface treatment effect is good, it is mainly used for building decoration products, civil decoration art stainless steel products, etc. The stainless steel industrial pipe has thick wall, uneven surface and strong bearing capacity. It is mainly used to make products with large size, high strength, high toughness and mechanical system.
  3. Stainless steel product pipe
    In general, stainless steel product pipe refers to the stainless steel pipe specially customized by the stainless steel pipe manufacturer because the ordinary stainless steel decorative pipe does not meet its use requirements. Generally, according to the different needs of users, a variety of optimization design methods are adopted. For example, stainless steel furniture pipe, sanitary ware and bathroom pipe, etc. The requirements for workmanship are high. Generally, there are specific requirements for pipe diameter, bending, flaring, necking and bending.
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