What is a boiler tube?

Boiler tubes refer to steel products that are open at both ends and have a hollow section. The ratio of its length to the surrounding area is large. According to the production method, it can be divided into seamless steel tubes and welded steel tubes. Wall thickness indicates a wide range of sizes, from capillary tubes with very small diameters to large-bore tubes up to several meters in diameter. Steel pipes can be used in pipelines, thermal equipment, machinery industry, petroleum geological exploration, containers, chemical industry and special purposes.

Boiler tubes are a type of seamless tubes. The manufacturing method is the same as that of the seamless pipe, but there are strict requirements on the steel type used in the manufacture of the steel pipe. According to the use temperature, it is divided into two types: general boiler tube and high pressure boiler tube.

The mechanical properties of boiler tubes are an important indicator to ensure the end-use performance (mechanical properties) of steel, which depends on the chemical composition and heat treatment system of steel. In steel pipe standards, tensile properties (tensile strength, yield strength or yield point, elongation), hardness, toughness, and high and low temperature properties required by users are specified according to different use requirements.

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