What is the yield rate in the production of seamless steel pipe manufacturers?

How can seamless steel pipe manufacturers increase the yield in production?
This material is prone to three quality problems in production: cracks, double skin, and slag inclusion. Crack generation and centrifugal pouring process, unreasonable pouring system; The double skin is related to the pouring temperature and pouring speed; Slag inclusion is related to the content of metal chemical elements and slag removal treatment.
The prevention and control measures taken by seamless steel pipe manufacturers are:

  1. Improving Cold Rolling Equipment and Effectively Preventing Cracks
    Reduce the residence time of steel billets at high temperatures, and strengthen the effect of inoculation, especially with flow inoculation. The addition amount of flow inoculant should be controlled at 0.1-0.25% of the billet amount; Ensure that the distribution of mold powder is uniform, and control the amount of inner surface of the pipe mold to be 20-30g/m
  2. Control the smelting process parameters of the water-cooled metal centrifuge well.
    The centrifuge should prevent the vibration of the flow channel from causing splashing of steel billets, and the socket sand core should be placed appropriately. Galvanized seamless steel pipes should be used to avoid burrs. Control the composition of the steel billet, reduce the silicon content of the billet, and control the W (Si) between 0.8% and 1.2% after injecting the spheroidizing agent. The centrifuge casing adopts uniformly arranged arc shaped spray cooling pipes, seamless steel pipe manufacturers, and segmented settings to avoid mutual influence of cooling water in each section.
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