What should be paid attention to when transporting seamless steel pipes?

It can be said that more and more industrial enterprises are using seamless steel pipes, and some enterprises have also found that in the process of using such pipes, there may sometimes be a situation of corrosion. Regarding the present situation of corrosion, relevant leaders of enterprises also want to know why such a situation occurs.
And if corrosion is transported, how to handle it is crucial. As we all know, the seamless steel pipes used by most enterprises today are composed of two important parts, namely, transportation sensors and transportation converters, including transportation components, electrode coils, and housings.
Industry professionals say that the transportation signal generated by seamless steel pipes is very weak during the transportation process, so it is necessary to ensure that the grounding of key parts of the pipe must be kept smooth, and the transported liquid must also be electrically conductive, and should not contain more ferromagnetic substances or bubbles.
Therefore, when some enterprises use pipes, one of the reasons for shipping errors may be that on the one hand, the conductivity of the transported liquid is relatively poor, which may lead to instability in pipe transportation, while on the other hand, the transported liquid does not undergo an early treatment and contains more ferromagnetic substances or bubbles, Such a situation can also lead to a situation where the pipes are blocked during transportation.

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