What types of pipe fittings used in pipeline?

Pipe Fittings are connections used to connect two pipes. The connection provides a firm bound to the pipe which 
ensures mechanical and structural strength to hold the equipment. It also ensures the free flow of liquid in the process.
There are three types of Fittings:
1)Wrought fittings which are mostly Beveled end
2)Forged Fittings with Socket & Threaded end
3)Cast Fittings which Not used in Process Piping
Most Commonly used pipe fittings are Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Bends, Cap and stub ends.

Pipe Fittings 

The Elbow is used more than any other pipe fittings. It Provides flexibility to change the pipe direction. Elbow 
mainly available in two standard types 90° and 45°. However, it Can be cut to any other degree.
There are different types of Tee used in piping,
Equal/Straight Tee– in this type of tee Diameter of Branch is same as the Diameter of the Run Pipe
In Reducing Tee – Diameter of the Branch size is smaller than the Diameter of the Run Pipe
There are two types of reducer used in piping Concentric & Eccentric.
In Concentric reducer, the center of the both the ends is on the same axis. It maintains the centerline elevation of the pipeline.
Whereas in the Eccentric reducer, the center of the both the ends is on different axis as shown in the image. It maintains BOP (bottom of pipe) elevation of the pipeline.

Pipe fittings are either welded to pipes or fitted using thread connections depending on the application and type. Steel Pipe fittings are fittings that connect to pipes in one of two ways, either by threads or by slip fit. Azure-B is an exporter and supplier of pipe fitting with the ASTM, ASME,DIN specifications.
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