What Kinds Of Plumbing Pipes Used In Your Home?

There are many types of plumbing pipes for residential . Plumbing pipes such as PEX and PVC are used normally depending on their application and the location in which they are installed. In addition there are some other  plumbing steel pipe types such as black, galvanized and brass. Let’s see the most common steel plumbing pipes below.
●Galvanized plumbing pipe
●Stainless plumbing pipe
●Copper plumbing pipe
●Cast Iron plumbing Pipe

  1. Galvanized steel pipe
    Galvanized or zinc-coated steel pipes appear thick and heavy with a gray or silver metallic exterior. Galvanized steel pipes are not commonly used in modern new construction,but in 1980s, it’s common to find galvanized pipes.
    Since steel pipe is naturally heavy, it’s more difficult to work with than other pipe materials, and although it’s very durable, galvanized steel does have a limited lifespan. The zinc coating can eventually break down and cause the pipe to rust internally, which may lead to reduced water pressure and clogged water lines.
    2.Stainless steel pipe
    Stainless steel can look very neat but it is very expensive.Stainless steel pipe are used in areas subject to corrosion and near coastal areas. This type of pipe is available in both flexible and rigid and will need some special couplings to be attached to other types of pipes. It is available in various sizes and lengths.
  2. Copper pipe
    Copper pipes began to appear in homes around the 1930s but commonly used from the 1960s to present. Copper plumbing is typically thin walled, making it smaller in diameter than steel pipe. Over time, oxidation might change copper pipes from their original shiny reddish hue to a dark brown or green.
    Copper is known for its durability, heat tolerance and long life span. One concern with copper, especially in older homes, is that the joints-where the pipes connect to various fittings-may contain lead-based solder. Another big disadvantage is that the long-term increase in the market price for copper as a commodity has made it a very costly option.
    4.Cast Iron Pipe
    Cast iron plumbing pipes are normally manufactured as bell-and-spigot type. It can be found also with threaded joints but are more expensive than the bell and spigot one. These pipes are heavier than any other pipes, normally used for water distribution systems, or underground installation as the main pipe on drainage or sewer systems. The smallest size that normally is manufactures is 4” pipe, large enough to be used on residential applications.
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