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Steel boiler pipe is specialized piping used in boiler systems for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.


Structural steel pipe is a type of steel pipe specifically designed and manufactured for use in structural applications. It is commonly used in construction projects, infrastructure development, and industrial settings where strength and durability are essential.

Structural steel pipes are typically made from carbon steel or alloy steel, which provide high strength and excellent load-bearing capacity. They are available in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses to suit different structural requirements.

These pipes are often characterized by their hollow cylindrical shape, with a uniform cross-section throughout their length. They can be either seamless or welded, depending on the manufacturing process employed.

Structural steel pipes are known for their exceptional mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, stiffness, and resistance to bending and torsion. They can withstand heavy loads, making them suitable for supporting structures such as buildings, bridges, towers, and other infrastructure elements.

Additionally, structural steel pipes can be galvanized to enhance their corrosion resistance, extending their lifespan and making them suitable for outdoor applications.

As a leading steel pipe supplier, Azure-b Tubes offers a large inventory of steel pipe sizes from 1/8” NPS to 48” NPS. We carry structural pipe in:

  • Grade A53B – hot-dipped galvanized and black, welded and seamless, used for mechanical and pressure purposes. Also used for applications including gas, water, and steam air lines.
  • A106B Seamless Pipe – also known as A106 seamless pressure pipe. Used for piping applications where fluid and gas transport at high temperatures are necessary.
  • ASTM A500 Grade B/C Pipe -includes cold-form welded pipes in a variety of shapes for shoring posts, structural steel pipe, steel pipe bollards. 

Structural Steel Pipe in the Sizes You Need

If you are looking for structural pipe in a hard-to-find size, make Azure-b Tubes your first–and last–stop. Not only do we carry a broad spectrum of sizes, we stock most sizes in a variety of hard to find lengths. We also maintain a large inventory of cut lengths and remnants. If there’s a length of pipe you haven’t been able to find anywhere else, contact Azure-b or request a quote today.

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