What are the factors affecting the straightness of seamless steel pipes?

The straightness of seamless steel pipes has a significant impact on precision mechanical and hydraulic oil cylinder pipes. The high precision of straightness improves customer processing efficiency and reduces production costs. The biggest fear when purchasing seamless steel pipes is that they cannot be processed and become waste, which wastes production costs and delays delivery time. Therefore, choosing a manufacturer with quality assurance is very important

  1. Backward straightening equipment
    The straightening equipment is outdated, and the straightening accuracy is poor. The straightness of seamless steel pipes has not been greatly improved after being produced, and can only be visually inspected without bending. Such requirements for the straightness of seamless steel pipes cannot meet the requirements of the precision machining industry, such as hydraulic cylinders, which have high requirements for the straightness of steel pipes and pipes. It is necessary to maintain the uniformity of the inner hole. If the straightening equipment is outdated, it is far from meeting the requirements. Tianzhan has advanced straightening equipment that can control the straightness accuracy of seamless steel pipes to 0.5mm/m, meeting the production requirements of hydraulic cylinders.
  2. Production process of seamless steel pipes
    During the production process of seamless steel pipes, two production processes are chosen, namely precision rolling and cold drawing- Generally speaking, the straightness of seamless steel pipes after precision rolling is better than that after cold drawing, because precision rolling belongs to rolling and does not generate a large amount of elasticity on the seamless steel pipes. However, during the cold drawing process, the seamless steel pipes are stretched as a whole and have a large amount of elasticity. When the seamless steel pipes detach from the drawing machine, plastic deformation will occur.
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