What is the use of lubricants for seamless steel pipes

    Seamless steel pipe manufacturers must use a substance to cooperate with each other in the production and manufacturing process, that is, laminated glass lubricant. Before using laminated glass lubricant, they used high-purity graphite to produce and manufacture together. Because there is no such substance in the market for a long time, high-purity graphite can be used as lubricant, However, in long-term use, everyone will see some problems, that is, the heat notice of high-purity graphite is very high, and the insulation and insulation conclusion is also particularly poor. This will cause the mold to raise the temperature faster and faster, which is very easy to cause signs of damage to seamless steel pipes, So things can’t be used for a long time. Therefore, manufacturers are constantly exploring a substance that can replace high-purity graphite, that is, laminated glass lubricating fluid. But why use them? It’s all because the trolley furnace has many advantages. First, the efficiency of thermal convection is very low, so it can have heat insulation effect, and can also expand the use duration of weapon deployment

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